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Happy Easter to Ripon from Abbeyfield.

We have been making cards, decorating Simnel cakes for Mother’s Day, making baskets of chocolate eggs to decorate an Easter Egg tree for Sunday. May has made an Easter Garden for our dining room.

We have been lucky to have each other in Abbeyfield. Residents have been able to enjoy each other’s company at home cooked lunches and teas each day. They are also able to enjoy the Spring flowers in our garden and Abbeyfield House is in the perfect spot for a walk to Spa Gardens for exercise. 

Things are starting to open up but we are remaining cautious. Thank you to residents, their families, staff and trustees for continuing to take steps to protect each other until we can have more confidence in being able to meet in person.

Happy Easter and let's look forward to brighter times.

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Blow your horn - Ripon


February: Valentine's Day

On Sunday 14th February the table was set to celebrate love and care for each other



Elizabeth made a stunning dessert.


Delicious and appreciated by everyone.





February 16th was Shrove Tuesday.

DIY Pancakes

May had a flippin' good time!


Other residents had their pancakes made for them and put their favourite toppings on - lemon & sugar, golden syrup, maple syrup or banana and toffee sauce.











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