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Coronavirus update

Coronavirus advice for residents, families and visitors: PPMI2039

Update 31 July 2020

Gov_advice_31.07-What_not_to_do.pdf & gov website




Update 3rd June 2020

Please click below to see visiting procedure

Arrangements for visits to residents


Update 31st May 2020

We are still advising all our residents to Stay Home

Please click below to see full advice

Advice to residents  

Advice to residents:

  • Wash hands regularly
  • Stay within Abbeyfield Ripon building and grounds DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE
  • Always wash hands when coming back into the building from outside and before and after going to lunch and tea in the dining room.
  • Make sure you order your prescriptions in plenty of time
  • Keep your distance from others
  • Double bag used tissues
  • Leave post for 24 hours before opening
It would be really useful if family could reinforce with residents the importance of following the above advice.

Advice to Residents if they become ill:



This advice, and these documents have been printed off in large print and copies given to all residents.

Advice to families and friends